Farm to Mug

Our premium collection of botanical brews are sourced and produced through sustainable farming practices. Our farm-to-mug process ensures all the ingredients for our products are sustainably harvested from our farms or carefully sourced from a few small farms across Sri Lanka, Egypt, and Tanzania, guaranteeing the freshness and superior quality of our brews.

Farm to Mug
Sustainable Farming Practices
Sustainably Produced Botanical Brews

At MintMug, sustainable farming is of utmost importance, and our botanical brews are produced using eco-friendly practices. This ensures a harmonious balance with nature, delivering a truly refreshing beverage experience.

Farm to Mug
The Origin of Ingredients
Sustainably Sourced and Globally Produced

Our botanical brews stand as a testament to our commitment to sustainability. The ingredients, carefully selected for their quality and purity, are grown in our farms or sourced from our partner farms in Sri Lanka, Egypt, and Tanzania. This global network of farms ensures not only the highest standards of cultivation but also reflects our dedication to supporting local communities.

Our Process

MintMug's process starts with sustainable farming, followed by careful harvesting, expert blending, thorough quality assurance, and an environmentally conscious, ethical journey.

Farm to Mug

Organic Farming

MintMug's journey begins at our own farms and those we partner with. We prioritise responsible farming practices, ensuring that every ingredient is cultivated sustainably and with the utmost care. Focusing on small farms helps support them and promotes better working conditions.

Farm to Mug

Quality Harvesting

Our commitment to excellence continues with the meticulous harvesting of our botanical ingredients. Each plant is hand-picked at the peak of freshness, guaranteeing the finest flavours in every blend.

Farm to Mug

Artisan Blending

At MintMug, blending is an art form. Our expert artisans skilfully combine the finest ingredients, creating signature blends that capture the essence of nature's bounty.

Farm to Mug

Quality Assurance

Our dedication to delivering the highest quality extends to every step of our process. Rigorous quality checks ensure that every cup of MintMug tea reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Farm to Mug

Sustainable Journey

Embracing sustainability is at the core of MintMug's values. From our sourcing practices to our packaging, we prioritise eco-friendly and ethical initiatives, ensuring a journey that is both mindful and respectful of our planet and its resources.