Who We Are

At MintMug, we are passionate about curating premium natural goodness in every cup, featuring the unique flavours of our finely curated blends. Specialising in a range of premium, globally available botanical brews, we infuse intricate flavours and delightful aromas.

Our process, from farm to mug, ensures sustainability and captures nature's essence in every sip.

Who We Are
Our Story
Insight into MintMug

Originating from non-farming backgrounds, a husband-wife duo embarked on a journey into the world of organic farming. Their passion for holistic supply chains and unwavering commitment to the purity, natural richness, and freshness of botanicals became the driving force behind MintMug.

Today, MintMug proudly offers a thoughtfully curated selection of products at accessible prices while upholding a zero-middleman value chain process.

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